Heyford Park Parish Council needs you!

Following a recent meeting with Cherwell DC to discuss the parish split, from August 18 to May 19, there will be a shadow parish council set up with shadow councillors selected by Cherwell DC. Shadow councillors will be given the opportunity, alongside anyone else, to run in the 2019 election and elected councillors will then formally run the new PC.

If you wish to drive forward positive change and be part of the new Parish Council, please email Tom Beckett (tbeckett100@gmail.com) and your details will be passed on.

The shadow council will include experienced people selected by Cherwell DC so no formal experience required.



Heyford Play Park Presentation – Weds 25th April @ The Community Centre (5:30pm – 7:30pm)

Play Park Drop in flyer

Dorchester Living invite you to attend the community presentation for


Please join us on Wednesday 25th April between 17.30-19.30 at Heyford Park Community Centre, Brice Road, Heyford Park, OX25 5TE

The plans for the new play areas at Heyford Park will be available to view.


Any queries please contact the development team                      01869 238200



If you have been living at Heyford Park before or during the Housing Survey that was completed in March 2012 under the Local Lettings Plan (uploaded to Heyford Regeneration’s website), this means that you have Category A status and therefore have first priority for a new build affordable rental unit at Heyford Park. The Local Lettings Plan also offers Category A tenants the ability to be matched to properties that are larger than you would usually be offered under the Council’s housing allocation policy (subject to affordability).

When a property becomes available for rent, Heyford Regeneration and Cherwell District Council are only able to match properties to tenants who have registered on Cherwell’s Housing Register. The Council and Heyford Regeneration will seek to match the property to a resident who falls within Category A.

Despite repeated communication from both Heyford Regeneration and Cherwell District Council, some Category A tenants still have not registered themselves on Cherwell’s Housing Register. If we have processed all the Category A tenants who are currently registered on Cherwell’s Housing Register, then we will have no choice but to start offering the properties to the Category B tenants.  These are people moved to Heyford Park between April 2012 and June 2017.  We really do want to ensure those who have been made the offer of Category A status are able to take up the offer of a new home if they want this. It is therefore very important that any interested Category A tenants register themselves immediately before the options at Heyford Park begin to diminish.

Because the affordable housing is a limited resource, we do need to understand if residents in Category A want to take up this offer or are not interested in an affordable house at Heyford Park at this stage. If you have decided for certain that you do not want to take up the offer of a home, then please make either Teresa at Cherwell District Council, or Cat at Heyford Regeneration, aware of this. Both of their contact details have been provided below. If you do want to register with Cherwell both Cat and Teresa can advise you on how to do this.

 If any of the remaining Category A tenants are not registered by June 2018, they will automatically become a Category B tenant instead.  This is because we need to understand if we have met the original promise made in the Local Lettings Plan to house all Category A tenants who want to take up an offer of affordable housing at Heyford Park.

As a Category B tenant you will still have secondary priority for any affordable housing that is advertised.  You will not be directly matched to a property, but instead will need to bid on any properties on the Council’s choice based lettings system with the allocation being made to whoever is shortlisted under the terms of the Local lettings Plan and the Housing Allocation Policy.


Letter to residents moving Cat B final time limit to register cat A

2018-2019 Committee

Dear All,


Following the AGM held on 24/02/2018, we are delighted to announce our new committee for the year ahead.

The 2018-19 Committee is as follows:-

Tom Beckett (Chairperson) – Hart Walk

Edward Fraser (Deputy Chairperson), Whitley Drive

Jenna Styles (Secretary) – Broad Way

Tim Coggins (Treasurer), Broad Way

Leigh McCarron – Hart Walk

Tim Bigelow – Gibson Drive

Marilyn Brown – Harris Road

Elizabeth Ann Livings – Trenchard Circle

Philip Livings – Trenchard Circle

Stephen Hill – Camp Road

Iain Sloan – Dacey Drive

Paul McCormack – Hart Walk


Chairperson – 07717 665256

Secretary – 07989 397999

e-mail     hprcda@gmail.com

AGM – Residents Association 24th Feb 2018


Heyford Park Residents and Community Development Association is holding its Annual General Meeting at the Heyford Park Community Centre on Brice Road, 24th February 2018 at 10.00am.  All Residents are automatically members and have 1 vote per household and everyone is welcome to attend.

Invite can be located HERE

Agenda can be located HERE

If you would like to become an Elected Member on the Association you can formally request using this form HERE, you will need to be endorsed by 2 other members of the community.

Please also see  HERE for the 2017 meeting minutes

Any queries please email HPRCDA@gmail.com