A Report from the Chair, 2021 AGM

We successfully conducted an AGM yesterday despite the pandemic conditions.  We had 29 association members in attendance on Zoom. Ten new committee members have been approved by a majority of association members at the meeting.  An 11th applicant withdrew just prior to the association accepting the applications.

We will carry on with our normal business of picking up litter, reporting street light outages and liaising with the Landlord.

Our new committee is:

Marc Thielke Chair

Marilyn Brown Vice Chair

Philip Livings Secretary

Carly Thielke Treasurer

Aimee Wordon

David Brooks

Katie Bedford

Lynne Fraser

Michelle Florey

Ann Livings

It was clear at the meeting some people were disappointed.  Those people who still wish to join the committee can submit a new committee application form before March 31.  At our meeting that evening we can co-opt up to three new committee members as our constitution allows.  The committee will elect three new members if there are more than three who wish to join formally.  Details to follow.

When we were writing up the AGM announcement/agenda in January and planning for the February AGM on Zoom we had not been aware that the chairmanship and the committee would be contested.  Normally it is a struggle to get two or three new people to come forward to join the committee each year.  We implore current members to stay but ask them to let us know if they are leaving by January 15th so we can advertise for replacements in the Valley News.  The committee was only made aware 13 days before the AGM that a current member might be contesting the election, meaning that he wanted to replace the returning chair and would have a large number of new committee members applying that would vote for him.  We were informed 7 days before the AGM that he would not be contesting the AGM.

The day before the Saturday AGM we had a surprise.  At 6pm an email was circulated to the committee that we had 9 applications for the next day’s meeting.  At 10pm the night before the noon AGM we also received a batch of new committee applications.  Before the AGM each application was reviewed, some were not filled out correctly per the committee procedures that have been in place for years and were clearly spelled out on the AGM announcement, agenda and on the application forms themselves.  A list of the rejected applications and reasons for rejection is below.  Each rejected application and the reasons for rejection were presented to the association in attendance; all applications were scrutinized equally.

It was clear at the 2021 Zoom AGM that there is a need to see each other face to face, especially if there is to be a close contest between two opposing groups.  The little black squares on the Zoom screen with no video, video with initials, nicknames or device names didn’t allow us to interact optimally.  Accommodating the number of voices, people using the Chat feature, people leaving and trying to re-enter the meeting was challenging to host and at the same time maintain order of a heated debate.  In the end everyone was heard but it was very time consuming and we were not able to address any estate issues or co-opt people on to the committee who had submitted ineligible applications prior to the AGM.

The next foreseeable opportunity to meet in person is June 25th Saturday 2021 if Covid conditions allow.  If there are 15 households who still feel the need to contest the RA committee they can give notice in May and we can make the announcements and schedule an Extraordinary General Meeting(EGM) for June and do a whole entire new committee election again. We are only allowed to have 15 committee members.  If there are more than 15 people who want to join the committee then the association members at the meeting will vote on each individual committee application either by a show of hands or by ballot if a majority requests ballots.  It would be nice for each applicant to address the assembled association prior to the elections and submit to answering questions.  The voting would continue until the maximum number of committee members is reached or until the remaining applicants withdraw.  The new committee would then elect it’s officers.  This new committee would serve until the next AGM in February 2022, or until another EGM is called.

The rejected applications to join the RA committee at the 2021 AGM were rejected for the following reasons, each application required two endorsements from individual members of the association.

One with one Endorsement from a Landlord employee

One with two Endorsements from a Landlord employee

One with one missing endorsement signature

Three with two missing endorsement signatures

One applicant was a Landlord contract employee and thus not eligible

One endorsement from a non-member of the association