25A Bus Reprieve

The 25A service WILL continue but with some changes from 24th July 2016 to the route and times. It will still be hourly during the day. The late buses on Fri and Sat will not run. Once we have the new timetable we will post it on the Public Transport page of this website.


The FREE SCHOOL have now got a defibrilator which is also available for Community Use. It is in a box on the outside of the Specialisms Campus (Sports Centre). There is a code to get into the box. During hours when the building is open the code is available from the office. Outside these times ring the AMBULANCE SERVICE on 999 and ask for the code.

Next Phase Housing

Detailed planning permission has recently been granted for the next phase of the Dorchester development (Phase 4).

The main body of this development is to the east of the Carswell Circle brick houses (the South Green). The permission also includes the new road across the green and through the northern end of the playground to join with Gibson Drive. This will form part of a loop road running through the estate starting at the recently constructed entrance from Camp Road to “The Green” development which is currently being built. It will then run through the Phase 4 housing area, across Carswell South green and along Gibson Drive. Next it will pass through the Bovis estate, coming out a little to the west of the Camp Road / Dacey Drive roundabout.

Access will be maintained to all of the houses on the South Green, though the service road accesses may well become footpath only. There may be temporary short-term disruptions to the accesses to get the new road across the existing Carswell Roads.

The permission also includes for some tree felling on both sides of Carswell Circle. The trees to be felled have already been marked with red crosses and those to be kept with blue circles. Temporary fencing will be erected to secure the construction areas.

We have asked that the southern part of the playground (the part with the two “jungle gyms” on it) should be retained for as long as possible and certainly till after the school summer holidays this year. Ultimately, there will be three new houses on this southern part of the play area. The Residents Association is also pressing for the early construction of one or more of the new playgrounds planned elsewhere at Heyford Park as an integral part of the development.

The provisional timing for the Phase 4 development is that groundworks will start in February and will take some three months. Thereafter construction of the new houses will begin and the rate of building will depend to some extent on the interest shown by purchasers. The link road across the South Green is likely to be constructed this year, but we have no precise timings at present.

As with all development there may be some disruption and disturbance. Any concerns can be expressed to the Residents Association by leaving a message on our facebook page or website and we will pass this on to Dorchester.