Power Outage

34 Properties are without power mostly around the Reid/Bader/Harris area.  Due to the scattered outage it might be the underground lines and not a simple transformer problem.

The outage started last night and Davies and Partners have contacted SSE to come out this morning.  Check Facebook for the latest updates.

Road Closure


Camp Road will be closed Saturday August 17 to end of business Friday August 23.
The closure is effectively between Dacey and Wellington but there is access to the Heyford House from the East and to Arnott(new Bovis homes behind sales office) from the West.

Bus Stops

Dorchester and the bus company are creating a temporary bus stop at Port Way(the Kirtlington road).  As usual busses will not serve the east end of Camp Road.  Both stops will be at Port Way so residents do not have to walk all the way down the hill to Upper Heyford.

Theatre on the Green

Saturday Afternoon August 24 4-7pm

The Residents Association welcomes all to the new Village Green for dinner, a picnic, ice cream and music and other community at 4pm.

At 5:30pm we have a youth production by the Cherwell Theatre Company.

The show must go on, rain or shine.  Our back up location is the Chapel.

Bungalow Flue Replacement Update 5-3-19

This statement was prepared by Heyford Park and affected residents have been contacted and offered alternate accommodation.

It reads,

Whilst undertaking the planned maintenance on the heating system in six homes, our team discovered the presence of what we suspect may be asbestos in the flues. We consider the health and safety of our residents to be our key priority and as a precaution we have shut off the systems and will be providing emergency accommodation for those who have been left without heating. This will initially be in a local hotel whilst we explore further options and get specialist advice on the timeframes. Our aim is to minimise the inconvenience as much as possible, whilst bearing in mind that safety is our number one priority.

Asbestos is present in almost all properties in the UK built prior to its ban in 1999, with an estimated 14 million homes in the UK having the material in them. The presence of asbestos does not pose a health risk unless it is disturbed during building work and left undetected. On discovering the suspect material, our team followed health & safety protocol by immediately localising the issue and sealing off the affected area. Specialist asbestos inspectors will be visiting the properties tomorrow to undertake tests on the material to determine what it is and then advise on the next steps.


Updates will follow and affected residents that need more support can contact me. -Marc

Update 6-3-19

Crews and Dorchester staff were out this morning at the six affected homes.  Test results won’t be available until Thursday so those families will stay another night in the hotel.

Final update 7-3-19

The tests for asbestos were negative.  Work can proceed but there are eight different combinations of furnace and flue types that all require different parts.  Hopefully no more surprises come up.  Kudos to Dorchester and D&P for their quick action and communication.