A Brief Update

Over the years the Residents Association (RA) has been a voice of the many, and a central point of contact to liaise between the landlord and the tenants of Heyford Park.  The RA has evolved over the years to assist in matters of the community from all residents here at Heyford Park, and where possible engage with the community to promote the great community atmosphere here at Heyford Park. More information about the RA can be found here:


While the Annual General Meeting happened on the 27th February, there have since been a number of resignations of all but a couple of the committee.  This leaves Heyford Park with no functional RA, where there has been one in place since 2005.  Since the resignation of the majority of committee members, a small group of people who believe that the RA has a valid position within the community have formed a working group.  The purpose of the group is to see how an Emergency General Meeting can be organised and what needs to be done to achieve this.  

There was a zoom meeting held on the 10th March 2021 to begin this process. During the meeting a proposed date was put forward, as a target date is needed to work towards.  There was also a discussion on how to advertise the news and communicate with the wider group of Heyford Park, along with accessibility to the meeting.  It was also decided to publish this announcement today.  The group would like to encourage the involvement of the wider community as the RA is for all residents of Heyford Park.  Please see the pdf document which contains the points of discussion, bear in mind this was not a formal meeting but more of an initial action group to get the ball rolling.

There will be a formal calling of the EGM via the Valley News and a leaflet drop to inform all residents.  Updated information will be posted on this website and where possible on social media on the Heyford Park groups.  Should anyone like to get involved with the organisation of the EGM please email info@heyfordparkresidents.org.uk and express your interest to help.  This will mean that you will be offering your services to help achieve an EGM, there are no predetermined positions as this is just a working group not a selection group or RA.

Further information will be made available over the next few days as to the next steps with details such as

Develop leaflet for leaflet drop
Write article for valley news
Create Zoom links for publication for further meetings and EGM
Arrange leaflet deliveries
Arrange Vally News publication
Put posters up in the noticeboards
Publish on FaceBook groups with agenda
Take applications
Share information on Residents website
Hold Listening Events
Pull feedback together for EGM discussion
EGM Agenda

and further information on the RA, the honoury roles and associated duties, etc.



EGM Planning Talking Points / Agenda

EGM Planning Talking Points / Agenda

New Master Plan – 2017 to 2031

Dorchester Living launched their new master plan for Heyford Park on 3rd October 2017 and has also subsequently held 3 community engagement events.  They plan to submit the master plan to Cherwell Council early in 2018.

This plan is different to the mid cherwell neighbourhood plan previously communicated (this is a x11 parish community created plan to influence development across the mid cherwell area)

Overall feeling from the community has been positive and it certainly shows a vision for the area which aims to utilise space previously closed off to the public.  Your residents association cross checked the community ‘wish list’ from our community engagement sessions in the last 2 Years and we feel they’ve done a great job listening to the community and other bodies.  We feel that opening the base and using some of its green space and making something of the heritage aspect is a great win for all.
• 500 additional spaces at expanded school
• 2500 sq feet more retail space
• Health hub
• 60 extra care units
• Community Centre and separate youth facility
• Larger sports village
• 480 affordable homes
• Transport – 20 min buses to bicester and all stations, bus to Heyford station
• Chilgrove drive development to remove all hgv traffic off of camp road
• 10k perimeter walk, more connectivity to local villages and the heritage areas
• Good access to Portway and Aves Ditch
• Allotments/Community Orchard tbc
• huge volume of road junction and village road calming commitments

SEE VISUALS HERE : HP Masterplan Maps October 2017 b

Oxfordshire’s latest neighbourhood plan – for the Mid-Cherwell area – has been launched after three years of preparation

Oxfordshire’s latest neighbourhood plan – for the Mid-Cherwell area – has been launched after three years of preparation.

Unique in the UK because of its scale, the Mid-Cherwell area comprises eleven rural parishes in the Cherwell District of North Oxfordshire. At the heart of the neighbourhood area is the former RAF Upper Heyford airbase, now a strategic development site called Heyford Park, whose developer is also involved in the plan. It was this development that was the stimulus for many surrounding villages to get together to create a statutory plan covering the wider area for the next 15 years.

The hard work of the Forum, the body leading the plan and representing all the participating communities, has now resulted in a list of policies concerning traffic, housing development, and community infrastructure – including the proposed designation of 29 “Local Green Spaces”.

The documents can be viewed online at Mid-Cherwell’s website www.info@mid-cherwell.org.uk and a handful of summary hard copies have been left at the shop in the community centre.

Responses are invited from any interested parties, but especially residents and businesses in the area itself.  The pre-submission consultation period starting on Monday, August 7th 2017 lasts for six weeks to Tuesday, September 19th 2017.

Following a review of all the responses, a final version of the plan will be submitted to Cherwell District Council before the end of the year. The plan will then be subject to independent examination and a referendum before becoming part of the statutory development plan for the area.

Contact Mid-Cherwell Neighbourhood Plan Forum at http://www.mid-cherwell.org.uk/contact/

The members of the Mid-Cherwell Neighbourhood Plan Forum are:
Ardley with Fewcott Parish Council (lead parish)
Duns Tew Parish Council
Fritwell Parish Council
Kirtlington Parish Council
Lower Heyford Parish Council
Middle Aston Parish Meeting
Middleton Stoney Parish Council
North Aston Parish Meeting
Somerton Parish Council
Steeple Aston Parish Council
Upper Heyford Parish Council
The Dorchester Group (associate member)
Heyford Park Residents Association (associate member)

Next Phase Housing

Detailed planning permission has recently been granted for the next phase of the Dorchester development (Phase 4).

The main body of this development is to the east of the Carswell Circle brick houses (the South Green). The permission also includes the new road across the green and through the northern end of the playground to join with Gibson Drive. This will form part of a loop road running through the estate starting at the recently constructed entrance from Camp Road to “The Green” development which is currently being built. It will then run through the Phase 4 housing area, across Carswell South green and along Gibson Drive. Next it will pass through the Bovis estate, coming out a little to the west of the Camp Road / Dacey Drive roundabout.

Access will be maintained to all of the houses on the South Green, though the service road accesses may well become footpath only. There may be temporary short-term disruptions to the accesses to get the new road across the existing Carswell Roads.

The permission also includes for some tree felling on both sides of Carswell Circle. The trees to be felled have already been marked with red crosses and those to be kept with blue circles. Temporary fencing will be erected to secure the construction areas.

We have asked that the southern part of the playground (the part with the two “jungle gyms” on it) should be retained for as long as possible and certainly till after the school summer holidays this year. Ultimately, there will be three new houses on this southern part of the play area. The Residents Association is also pressing for the early construction of one or more of the new playgrounds planned elsewhere at Heyford Park as an integral part of the development.

The provisional timing for the Phase 4 development is that groundworks will start in February and will take some three months. Thereafter construction of the new houses will begin and the rate of building will depend to some extent on the interest shown by purchasers. The link road across the South Green is likely to be constructed this year, but we have no precise timings at present.

As with all development there may be some disruption and disturbance. Any concerns can be expressed to the Residents Association by leaving a message on our facebook page or website and we will pass this on to Dorchester.