Notification of our Annual General Meeting

Dear Resident,

The Association’s Annual General Meeting is to be held in the Community Centre (on Brice
Road) on Saturday the 2nd March this year at 4.15pm.

To qualify for election to the Committee, you must be resident at Heyford Park and you will
need endorsements from two other residents of Heyford Park (not from your own

Please bring the form (see link below) with you to the AGM and hand it to the Secretary. If you want to be on
the Committee, but cannot attend the meeting, please put your form through the letterbox of
15 Hart Walk, marked for the attention of HPRCDA.

We are hoping that there will be a great turnout for the AGM.

Tom Beckett



Upcoming Road Works/Changes

Notification of Road Works – Important

Dear All, the following road works/closures are due to take place on Heyford Park shortly;

We are making changes to the roads around Camp Road, residential areas and the north side of Camp Road which affects the school .

Please note that all of these changes affect vehicles and there will be very few amendments to any pedestrian routes.

• On 31st October 2018 the vehicle entry/ exit at Dow Street at Camp road will be closed. This will be closed for an extended period to allow the reconstruction of Camp Road and the reconstruction of Dow Street .

• On 5th November 2018, Bovis Homes have arranged for the daytime closure ( 09.00 til 16.30 ) of the western end of Gordon Road to provide a safety buffer while the water tower is demolished. Expected duration 2 -3 weeks.

• During these closures the residents will need to use alternative routes via Wellington Road and Dacey Drive

There are also changes to the Camp Road traffic management and the entrance to the airbase and school drop off .

As of 31st October, the existing traffic control scheme will be removed and camp road will be opened up to 2 way traffic for a short period while the next section of works ( Dow street + airbase / school drop off entrance) to be prepared.

We are planning to change over the scheme at mid morning on 5th November and the following changes will be introduced-
• Open up access to airbase and school drop off / coaches via the original access by the Dorchester offices
• Close off access to airbase opposite the old bus layby
• Introduce traffic lights In Camp Road around the Dow Street / airbase junction

Shadow Parish Councillor Vacancies

Dear Residents,

With the upcoming Parish split (Heyford Park and Upper Heyford) a new Parish Council will shortly be created. Initially, this will be on a shadow basis, working with the existing PC, then post the elections next May, the Heyford Park Parish Council will operate on a standalone basis.

If you wish to put yourself forward for the Shadow Parish Councillor role, please email your name, address and contact details to hprcda@gmail.com

The following attachments explain the role and the powers in more detail.

PC Role


Residents Association Meeting


Dear Residents,

Please note that the next RA meeting will be held on Wednesday 26th September (7-9pm) at The Community Centre.

A representative from Dorchester will be attending the RA meeting to answer any queries you may have. If you are unable to attend or wish to pose your question in advance, please reply below. If you intend on coming along, please also let us know below so we can make sure there is sufficient seating for all.

On behalf of the committee, we look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.