The Committee is elected annually at an AGM held in (or close to) February. Every household at Heyford Park has a vote at the meeting. Office bearers are also elected at the AGM.

The Committee meets on the last Wednesday in each month at 7.00 p.m. in the Community Centre on Brice Road. Occasionally meeting dates are changed and these changes are announced on our facebook page (see below) and on the Community Centre notice boards.

The boards (inside and outside the Centre) and the facebook page are used for all announcements by the Association.

The 2019-20 Committee is as follows:-

Marc Thielke (Chairperson) – Harris Road

Edward Fraser (Deputy Chairperson), Whitley Drive

Jenna Styles (Secretary) – Broad Way

Craig Manetta – Hart Walk

Leigh McCarron – Hart Walk

Tim Bigelow – Gibson Drive

Marilyn Brown – Harris Road

Elizabeth Ann Livings – Trenchard Circle

Philip Livings – Trenchard Circle

Stephen Hill (Treasurer) – Camp Road

Sonja Hall


Chairperson – 07972 259907

Secretary – 07989 397999


Facebook Page or just click on the blue “f” button at the bottom of the page.