Saturday 14th May

14:30 at the Heyford Park Chapel, Brice Road

The Residents Association at Heyford Park includes everyone who lives or volunteers within the parish. We have an active committee who work on behalf of its members to create a sense of community and liaise with the landlord, voluntary groups and Parish Councils to promote the in-terests of its members.
Every resident of the Heyford Park parish is welcome to attend our AGM and vote in a new committee (one vote per household). There will also be updates from the 2021/22 committee and an opportunity for you to ask questions and have your say.

Description of the Roles

CHAIRPERSON – Position currently available
• Agree with Secretary dates for Committee meetings in accordance with the Constitution
• Keep order at meetings and ensure all committee members are able to participate
• Allow time for public comment and questions during committee meetings
• Ensure that committee business is completed within a reasonable time
• Ensure that members of the committee follow the agenda and stick to the point
• At the end of discussion on each item summarise any decisions made and organise a vote if needed
• Remain impartial
• Oversee the annual business plan (if any)
• With the Treasurer, monitor the annual budget
• Ensure that an Annual General Meeting is held in accordance with the constitution
• Represent the organisation in all discussions with public & private outside bodies
• If unable to attend any outside meeting ensure that a deputy is appointed and brief that deputy

• To deputise for the Chairperson in every respect on any single occasion or for any longer period.
• During any such period undertake any or all of the responsibilities of the Chairperson as required.

• Prepare or oversee the preparation of annual budgets and any updates to those budgets
• Ensure that a proper record is kept of all financial transactions
• Ensure that the Association remains financially viable
• Inform and advise the Committee on all matters financial and implement its financial policies
• Act as a signatory on all the Association’s bank accounts and other financial documents
• Ensure that the committee is aware of its financial duties and liabilities
• Ensure that annual accounts are prepared and properly audited and present these to the AGM

SECRETARY – Position currently available
• Make arrangements for meetings
• In consultation with the Chairperson, prepare and distribute the agendas for those meetings
• Check that a quorum is present at each meeting
• Take minutes of matters discussed, decisions made at meetings & record what actions are required
• Ensure that minutes of the previous meeting are distributed to all Committee members at least 5 days   before any subsequent meeting.
• Following approval (or modification) of those minutes at that subsequent meeting, ensure that the approved minutes are displayed and available to all members of the Association.
• Oversee the election of new Committee members at each AGM
• Keep lists of the Committee members up to date with all contact details recorded

A committee member is nominated to represent the RA at meetings with the Parish Council and other bodies, as determined by the committee

COMMITTEE MEMBER – Members required!
NOTE – These responsibilities also apply to the office bearers
• Whenever possible attend Committee meetings and inform Secretary if unable to attend
• Ensure that the Association fulfils any current stated objectives
• Ensure that the Association complies with the law
• Ensure effective management of money, staff, volunteers, operations, etc. as appropriate
• Assist in preparing policy, strategy and objectives
• Accept, jointly with other Committee members, responsibility for all property and equipment
• Act in the best interests of the Association and its members collectively


If you live or are part of an active voluntary organisation within the Heyford Park Parish boundary, you are a member of the association and eligible to join the AGM and apply for positions.
All applications must be supported by two Heyford Park Residents association members living at different households (please provide contact details). If you are new to the area and / or need assistance with this – please get in touch.

Enquiries / help with accessing the meeting: or send to the postal address
How to apply
By email – .
Or by post or hand delivered to:
Heyford Park Residents & Community Development
Association, The Community Centre, Building 549, Brice Road, Upper Heyford, Bicester, OX25 5TR.

We have a Facebook page and website —
You can get in touch with us via email: or via Facebook.

Will you be present at the AGM
Will you also be standing for any of the honorary positions?
Will you be present at the AGM
Will you be present at the AGM