Cherwell District Council collects our dustbins.

You can get information here –

Collections at Heyford Park are on Wednesdays and what is collected alternates – If week 1 is for the Green Bin (general mixed waste) then week 2 is for the Blue & Brown Bins. Blue is for paper card and metal (recyclables) but not glass. Brown is for food and garden waste. Glass should be taken to the bottle bank in Gordon Road by the side of the Community Centre. There are also other recycling bins at this location, including textiles, clothing and shoes.

There is a Household Waste recycling centre at Ardley, less than 2 miles from Heyford Park and this takes a wide range of kinds of waste.

See the Recycling Locator at the top of this page to find out more about where to recycle specific items. This has kindly been provided by WRAP. More information is available at which holds lots of useful information or on facebook at on which there are lots of handy tips and facts.

Recycle by Buying/Selling

Theres a facebook group for the Heyfords and surrounding area for selling your unwanted goods (or buying someone else’s) Or you can sell/buy on the Heyford Park Village facebook group (a closed group for people who live or work at Heyford Park