New Master Plan – 2017 to 2031

Dorchester Living launched their new master plan for Heyford Park on 3rd October 2017 and has also subsequently held 3 community engagement events.  They plan to submit the master plan to Cherwell Council early in 2018.

This plan is different to the mid cherwell neighbourhood plan previously communicated (this is a x11 parish community created plan to influence development across the mid cherwell area)

Overall feeling from the community has been positive and it certainly shows a vision for the area which aims to utilise space previously closed off to the public.  Your residents association cross checked the community ‘wish list’ from our community engagement sessions in the last 2 Years and we feel they’ve done a great job listening to the community and other bodies.  We feel that opening the base and using some of its green space and making something of the heritage aspect is a great win for all.
• 500 additional spaces at expanded school
• 2500 sq feet more retail space
• Health hub
• 60 extra care units
• Community Centre and separate youth facility
• Larger sports village
• 480 affordable homes
• Transport – 20 min buses to bicester and all stations, bus to Heyford station
• Chilgrove drive development to remove all hgv traffic off of camp road
• 10k perimeter walk, more connectivity to local villages and the heritage areas
• Good access to Portway and Aves Ditch
• Allotments/Community Orchard tbc
• huge volume of road junction and village road calming commitments

SEE VISUALS HERE : HP Masterplan Maps October 2017 b