October 28 2020 Meeting Canceled

Due to unforeseen circumstances we had to cancel the meeting at the last minute.  Apologies to those who wanted to attend.  You can always send us your concerns via email between meetings as well or just call us on the phone.

We will be composing a letter to the Heyford Park Parish to be discussed at their next meeting.  We hope to improve communication with them for the benefit of the whole village.

We will also be sending a letter to Dorchester to ask about how we can communicate maintenance requests better and how we can explain the service charge budget clearer to residents.

We have requested an urgent meeting with Dorchester regarding more dog friendly temporary green space.  The Upper Heyford Parish Council have agreed to join us in that meeting as they negotiated the original dog park and still have the same concerns about the lack of space in HP during construction and the impact that has on their green space.Dog Park Plan 2020

Please email estates@dorchestergrp.com if you support the need for more green space.  Of course we continue to ask for play parks, paths and green space included in the construction plans to be done as soon as possible.