Road Diversion and Bus Info

Both directions of the bus service will be from the same stop on the south side of Camp Road across from the new Sainsburys.

From Dorchester:

Dear Residents 

Road upgrade works are planned for the eastern section of Camp Road for the period 20th July to 28th August 2020. These works have been agreed with, and requested by, Oxfordshire County Council and are intended to resolve the current defects  issues with gullies, ramps and failing road surface.

Public bus services will also have to follow the diversion but will serve the bus stops in the new village centre area by entering and leaving via the western end of Camp Road. The existing bus stops by the school and caravan park will not be in use for the duration of the road works.

We would like to apologise for any disruption and inconvenience caused whilst carrying out these essential works, but by the end of the August, this section of Camp Road should be free of defects and be constructed to a standard that OCC will be will be prepared to adopt and maintain.