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Valley News is a local news sheet published every two months for the parishes of Somerton, Lower Heyford and Upper Heyford. These parishes include Heyford Park, Heyford Leys and Caulcott.

The editor is Ian Lough-Scott

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Tel: 01869 232788

If you would like to write an article please e-mail it to Ian.

Valley News has always been free to every household and we would like it to continue as a ‘freebie’, however, it is getting more and more difficult to achieve this without too great a burden on parish funds. The publication is edited and managed wholly by volunteers and is funded from advertising revenue, grants from the three Parish Councils, and donations. It is non-profit-making.

There are a small number of individuals who pay a regular donation towards the cost of the magazine. Do you enjoy the magazine and find it useful? If so please consider making an annual donation by Standing Order to the Valley News. Similarly if you run a Community Group which benefits from our policy of giving free advertising space for community events and meetings, please consider donating a modest sum.

£10 per annum would be an enormous help as our longer term aim aim is to make Valley News self-funding rather than having to rely largely on parish council funding (we all know that there are so many other demands on the councils’ funds).

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